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Langleys Restaurant & Wine Bar

Brasserie food has always kept its caché. With the growth of multi-cultural cuisines settling into Britain, there’s been a significant increase and interest in British Brasserie style food. It’s no longer just meats and vegetables in a pastry case, or fish and potatoes, but what lies in between to come alive. To complement the atmosphere of the familiar along with curiosity for new tastes we are being introduced to. Whilst maintaining the casual factor and not falling short of its quintessential mark of comfortable elegance.

What we distinguish as an essentially British brasserie is where fresh and local ingredients can be found in the dishes. Vegetables like courgette flowers in Summer and jerusalem artichokes in Winter make a wholesome plate to comfort the challenges of any season. Whether you are looking for a snappy but fulfilling lunch or brunch on the weekend or a tantalising dinner with friends, that is what a brasserie aims to serve.

Langleys Restaurant & Wine Bar

At Langleys, we continue to fine tune our own brand of Brasserie to fuse tastes and flavours from various parts of the globe. Keeping ahead of trends and being true to the way the world is now-a-days: a mix of cultures all coexisting next to one another. London especially has acquired this status making it one of the most multi-cultural cities to find. Every brasserie surely strives to bring an originality through the dishes and services. Our chefs keep their foundations of typical English cuisine steady with the heartiness of meat, fish, and the seasonal produce, but bring their experiences of spices and seasoning to match tastes bringing you some of the most unique dishes.

Langleys Restaurant & Wine Bar

Whisky & Walnut Tart with Salted caramel ice cream

Desserts along with carefully selected cheeses and wines also form one of the important components on the menu of a brasserie. Our pastry chef combines fruit with rich chocolate and toffee flavours. You will often find a web of freshly spun sugar artistically placed on a delicious tart, not just to complete the look, but make the right addition to the taste.

We’ll bring you more on our unique brasserie dishes in the next post with an exquisite appetizer to get you inspired.

Langleys Restaurant & wine bar

Prime Rib Eye Steak with sautéed wild mushrooms, seasonal greens, fondant potato and red wine jus

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