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This delectable watermelon salad has been a big hit on our menu, and a favourite to order on ladies night! Devised by our chef to bring to you an interesting take on a greek style salad, this dish has the right balance of juicy, tangy, and creamy. As part of our Spring Summer specials, it makes a tantalising starter to any course you choose on the menu.


This watermelon ensemble holds a good bite of crunch along with the thirst quenching cubes of fruit. Creamy feta cheese is strategically placed as you get through the brick of salad. Tousled with a lemon and mint oils. Frills of romaine lettuce, rocket and mint peeping in between, and a sprinkle of powdered black olive bring to life a new dimension to what is a simple watermelon salad. 


Our new head chef Mandar intends to create an experience of colour with food this season. As it is widely known that a colourful plate adds to a colourful mood, expect to see robust reds, verdant greens, yellows, pinks and more this Summer that will feature in plenty on Langleys menu. 


Make the best of Spring - Summer with the vibrant colours of food.


Bon appétit!



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