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Keeping in tune with what’s in season this time of year, Chef Mandar is working on incorporating fresh and seasonal produce into the menu. On the bright side, although Summer being temperamental this year, we will continue to bring you dishes that are colourful, fresh and satisfying. 


It’s important to us that our dishes have been prepared from scratch. Every sauce and marinade is concocted to suit Langleys range of brasserie style dishes. Choosing from a range of seafood risotto to lamb rump, wild sea trout to a provencal vegetable strudle - these rustic style main dishes on our menu lend themselves to using some of the more seasonal produce. 


Chef Mandar is currently working on creating an experience that appeals to the senses. The taste of it all coming together in one bite is certainly a product of how a dish is presented along with the right amount of flavour with every morcel. 




This weekly special chicken dish is complemented by an opera of potatoes, fennel and au jus, makes this recipe an unbeatable concoction. Again, the colour and flavour work together in perfect unison. 


More food stories and creative dishes from Chef Mandar and his team on the new season’s menu coming soon. 



Head chef Mandar and chef Jay come together to create this mango panacotta that incorporates vibrant colours and flavours like never seen before.









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