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Kitchens can be a tough place to work in. If you asked nearly all chefs and cooks, they’d say: if you can’t take the heat, then stay out of the kitchen. With that comes the laughing, the shouting, (nothing personal) and the camaraderie. All in a days’ work to produce some of the best dishes you’ve tasted. In a Brasserie style restaurant like Langleys, chef banter over a fiery stove is an important part of the culture promoting passion and debate about food.

In addition to that kind of heat, there are rising temperatures through actual heat - working to bring a dish to life by activating the aromas of the ingredients, and firing up hot pots to infuse some of the wonders of gastronomy. 







Our sous chef Jay Panchal enjoys taking charge every now and then, exercising some traditional cooking techniques. Not afraid to raise the heat levels with a roaring stove fire once in a while, and propelling an order or two to the line cooks, he conducts the show in his own style to suit the kitchen camaraderie. One of his favourite cooking methods is that of caramelizing. It’s one of his earliest memories of learning to cook and a method of preparation well suited to brasserie cuisine. The trick he says is using just the right amount of sugar which he learnt from his mother. 

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