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Vibrant red and burgundy sauces paired with tender meats make the heart of brasserie food. Originating from French gastronomy, the dish that stands on its own is to be prepared with utmost care and delight, appealing to all senses. At Langleys, English meats rest at the top of the list of dishes we are proud of. Our chefs’ challenges usually lie in the preparation of these meats to bring out their flavour whilst keeping the texture perfect to the bite. And of course, meticulously preparing the different sauces to enliven each individual dish.


On our current menu, you will see the following meat dishes that have been carefully selected after many a testing and tasting. With sauces made of reductions from full bodied french wines and aromatic fruits and spices, the meats maintain their textures and aromas in good measure. And though they are signature to Langleys Restaurant, they are still familiar to many – comforting and wholesome:

Barbury Duck Breast, Celeriac Cream, Ratte Potatoes, Savoy Cabbage, Raspberry Jus


Braised Pork Belly, Applewood Mash, Turnip Tops, Stuffed Savoy Cabbage & Red Wine Jus


Duo of Lamb, Chervil Root, Sautéed Kolhrabi Cabbage, Confit Potato & Toasted Cumin Jus


Perthshire Braised Ox cheeks, Celeriac Fondant, Purple Sprouting Broccoli & Red Wine Jus


And as you know, bringing along a good appetite and a sense of adventure is vital to enjoy the wonders of brasserie style dining. Make the best of this seasonal menu by giving these mouth

watering dishes a try when you’re in next. Couple them with our selection of reds. This is what makes the heart of our brasserie menu.

We’ll look forward to seeing you at Langleys.


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