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The kitchen is its own theatre. Every night it plays a different scene and the troupe of its actors from dishwasher to head chef understand their roles. It may be of surprise to know that aside from the sous chef and head chef who manage the kitchen, our team of cooks who do the prepping before a shift usually shoulder some big responsibilities. They plan, organise and make available all the ingredients in the order that should be ready to grab on cue. Care and attention to detail in the prep stage are fundamental to any kitchen especially for dishes that need to be cooked earlier in the day and require more time to simmer.


Any restauranteur or chef will agree that prep work will make or break a dish in all honesty. The meticulous organisation leads to the line cooks being able to apply their cooking techniques efficiently and the chefs working their vision and creativity at the most crucial moments.

At times, the heat in the kitchen can get overwhelming, especially on those busy weekends and special events. But the usual norm of kitchen etiquette at Langleys is one of ease and camaraderie, which is perhaps the reason for having a smooth running assembly line – the key to producing that consistently delicious plate to your table.

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This Rhubarb crumble has been put together in a step by step process through an assembly line from prep staff to pastry chef. Delicately getting the visuals, flavours, and finishing touches to your satisfaction. Bon appetit!

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